Victorville Film Archives


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2020 UPDATE:: We are the largest film Archive in the Northern Hempihere, and possibly the World (official Verifciation expected in January 2021). Our acquisitions continue 24 hours a day and we receive more tapes in a week than most archives receive in a year. What you see pictured below is only a tiny fraction of the tapes that we've acquired recently from our confidential industry sources.

HARDWARE ACQUISITIONS: In order to View the thousands of tapes it is important to maintain a large stock of professional viewing equipment. Our reputation in the industry led to several investment opportunities this year we couldn't pass up, including but not limited to this incredible lot of refurbished VCR's (all of which have been tested and work).

If you have any VCR's that you wish to donate to the VFA, please email our donation department at Units should be in working condition due to covid restrictions that have left us with limited Technical and Repair staff during this time.